About Us

Origins and Inspirations

Eric Dickstein's Journey

“Distraction is my medicine.” Eric Dickstein's path to eyewear is as diverse as it is unconventional. From his early days as a hairstylist in Los Angeles, through a brief and unsuccessful music career, to refining his creative talents at Oliver Peoples, Dickstein's journey has been fueled by a series of distractions. These experiences, introduced to him by Doré Chodorow, a friend and founder of Oliver Peoples, directed him towards the optical world. His sense of direction, though seemingly irrational, has always been to be at the forefront of eyewear innovation.

Formation and Philosophy

Dr. Lili's Vision

After spending 10 years traveling the world, Dr. Lili found herself back in Vancouver. As a young optometrist seeking something different, she yearned for a place that celebrated personality and humanity. Despite her love for the science of optometry, Dr. Lili embodies creativity, humility, and storytelling. She thrives where science and defiance meet, challenging conventional optometry. A serendipitous encounter in Gastown, Vancouver, led her to Durant Sessions, where she felt her vision of optometry could flourish.

In 2016, Eric and Dr. Lili found each other and realized their shared vision was more than just an idea. They identified gaps in their industry and believed they could deconstruct and rebuild a path more fitting for modern times, staying true to their principles. Their partnership is rooted in a commitment to blend creativity, science, and humanity in the realm of optometry.

The Durant Sessions Experience

Named after a series of recording sessions Dickstein had with Dennis Leight, co-founder of Oliver Peoples, Durant Sessions honours handcrafted eyewear. These sessions, held in Dennis’ home on Durant Drive, symbolize the fusion of art and science. Durant Sessions aims to educate as much as it adorns, celebrating the balance between these two worlds.

At Durant Sessions, our optometrists, opticians, and stylists are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. We believe in merging the best of science and art in eyewear, creating pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Our team welcomes you to explore the unique blend of creativity, personality, and scientific precision that defines Durant Sessions.