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Dutil Eyewear and Naked & Famous Denim collaborate to release Selvedge Frames

Quintessential brands Dutil Eyewear and Naked & Famous Denim collaborated to produce limited edition and high-quality eyewear.  Taking inspiration from raw Japanese denim, which both parties are renowned for, these custom spectacles bring soul, grit and sophistication.  

These luxury pieces capture the traditional markings of raw Japanese denim, featuring one-of-a kind three-layered acetate, carefully mimicking red and white selvedge. Through thoughtful design and careful craftsmanship, these frames were exclusively in three different styles (25 pairs of each). While timeless, these glasses still capture the uniqueness and fashion forwardness that Dutil customers crave.

The Creation of the Dutil x Naked & Famous collaboration

Meeting Dutil’s mission to provide one-of-kind eyewear, these spectacles do not fall short. “These frames are as custom as they get. In order to create the selvedge pattern, we had to start from scratch” explains Dickstein. Taking over seven months to design and produce,  Dickstein and Svrac were able to fabricate the famous selvedge pattern, suitable for eyewear.  “We wanted the style to really pay tribute to the iconic raw denim look, and there wasn’t an  existing material out there that could showcase that, so we created it.” In addition to these  frames, the duo also worked to produce a work-of-art cleaning cloth, designed with a pattern for sewing, similar to what would be used for a pair of Naked & Famous denim.  

While this is the first ever collaboration between the famous Canadian companies, both are in familiar territory. Each founder has an admiration for Japanese craftsmanship and culture and encompass it into their product.