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Optometrist: Dr. Lili Liang

About Dr. Lili Liang

Optometrist Dr. Lili Liang announced she will be partnering with optical boutique, Durant Sessions, to bring her services to Gastown. In a neighbourhood that already boasts everything from fine dining to premier clothing boutiques and tattoo parlours, she is helping to fill a void of health professionals.

After travelling the world for her education, Dr. Lili Liang chose to settle down in this historic Vancouver neighbourhood because of its cultural diversity. “I love helping people, all people. I want to work with the residents of Gastown so that they can clearly see the same beauty of Vancouver that I do,” said Liang. Looking to be a part of the pulse of the city she states, “I like to relate to people and I know that this area breeds a lot of creativity. I like to do things differently and I know that I’ve found my home here as an optometrist.” 

Dr. Liang completed a dual degree program graduating from Salus University with a Doctor of Optometry and Master of Public Health. She gained optometry experience during her rotations throughout the United States and Malawi, and her passion for public health has taken her on humanitarian trips to Ecuador, Liberia and Haiti. Come meet Dr. Liang and hear about her world of experience at Durant Sessions.

To learn more about Dr. Liang, visit her blog.

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Dr. Liang is available for appointments at Durant Sessions on Main Street and in Gastown. Appointments may be booked through Doctor Lili's website.